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Land Administration & Management Programme

Information provided by: L.A.M.P Jamaica The Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP) is a Government initiative to help all owners of land in Jamaica obtain Certificates of Title for their land and to update the information on existing Land Titles.   What Is A Title? A title gives a description of a parcel of land […]

Home Swift Home (Lower down payment makes homeownership easier)

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter THE high downpayment required in order to purchase a home is to be drastically slashed, following the passage of an amendment to the 1960 Mortgage Insurance Act in Parliament. Fwd: News that are important to our industry When signed into law by the governor general, the bill – which was […]

Purchasing Tips And Information Part 1&2

PART 1: Once you have identified a property of your choice, we are here to work with you throughout the purchase process from start to finish. First, we will gather pertinent information from you the purchaser(s), which we will use to complete an ‘Offer to Purchase Form’ for your signature. The Offer to Purchase outlines the terms […]

What are the cost associated with selling your property?

Government transfer taxes = 5% of the Sale Price*Registration fees = 0.5% of the Sale Price*Stamp duty 4% of the Sale price. Real Estate Sales Commission (approximately 5% to 7%) Attorney’s fees (approximately 3% of Sale price)*these fees are shared equally between both seller and purchaser.   HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SELL A […]

Selling your property – How does our service works?

WE MARKET YOUR PROPERTY AT NO IMMEDIATE “OUT OF POCKET” COST TO YOU, the seller. Meaning, no sale, no commission…Upon viewing your property, we will conduct a market analysis and present you with a marketing strategy that outlines how we will best market your property. We utilize various Marketing options to expose your property. We use […]